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Aaronock's RP Writings
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Aaronock's RP Writings

OOC: Because I got tired of spamming other topics elsewhere with write-ups. You get stuff here all together from here for now on (unless its particularly noteworthy). This first story transpires BEFORE The Battle of Geffen on 04/22/2017

“Thank you for coming here to help this evening.”

“Hm, hm, hm, I’m in town anyway because any adventurer with any guts is preparing to defend good ol’ Geffen soon.”

“Lucky you that you finished those jobs you had lined up.”

“And fortunate for you or you would be out of luck with this plan of yours tonight. So, details please, how to deal with the great Ethereal Engineer?”

Ezekiel took in a deep breath. “I probably should not give him this chance, but will talk to the pompous dick and give him a offer to do this utilizing gentler methods. If not, well…” As his voice trailed off, his fingers reached into one of the many pockets within his jacket and out came a vial filled with strange, deep purple colored liquid. Little flecks of green floated within. “He will be forced out for a few days at least with this.”

Katarin looked at the vial, and identified immediately that it contained some form of poison. He wasn’t trying to kill the target, or so she assumed, but the side effects were still going to be quite unpleasant. “So, let me get this straight. This guy, your employer and ally, asked you to stop by and help him against Ostellos. The guy who, mind you, reeeeeeeeeally does have a legitimate bone to pick with the bastard spirit, have told said guy you would help him out with something tonight, and now concocted this plan to keep him from fighting for a few days? Aren’t you really going to some extremes here of your own Zeke?”

“Perhaps, but you have not seen what he looks like these past few months. He’s a mess of a man and in no position to deal with the gravity of the situation properly. He is a danger to himself, and no doubt everyone else. Since you are someone who specializes not only in intelligence gathering, but also in protecting others as a bodyguard, you are in the best person I know to implicitly understand the delicacy of this scenario.” Ezekiel then pushed the vials into one of Katarin’s hands. Once she took them, he dug around and pulled out two needles. “If you are planning to not help, best to say something now.”

“Shit, you’re serious huh?” She eyed him, testing out his resolve. When he didn’t even flinch, or move a muscle, she winced while replying, “Fine…fine. I’ll help, I’ll help. Get the needles ready for me then.”
They discussed the full operation while they waited for the full evening to set. They grabbed their supplies and tightly clasped one of their hands into the other’s before starting their walk. This brought the rogue duo each their own moment of nostalgia. They were partners in crime for this one night at least as they walked towards the ‘target’s’ home. Katarin went close to the wall, but not too close as to lean upon it, as she was warned about the magical alarms that scattered all along and inside the home. Ezekiel’s job was to coax the one they called “Ethereal Engineer” out the door. A hand almost began to knock, hesitating before reaching the door. A single utterance was made, “Gods help me for my foolishness,” and then finally his hand rapped upon the door.

Ezekiel could hear a figure making his way down the hall bumbling about. Most likely a sign that the inventor inside had not been keeping the place tidy at all, but only the man and pet inside would know for how long. However, the rogue waited, and eventually out came the owner of the home. It was just as Ezekiel thought, Aaronock looked terrible. The tall man’s naturally wild flowing hair had turned frazzled and unkempt. Dark black circles surrounded his eyes, and his normally cheerful demeanor had been replaced with a devil’s smile.

“Glad you’re here, y’know I finished crafting this new design for a compact machine that will melt Ostellos in two…want to come inside and see it? I got the best test dummy to show it off with, we can drink tea over it even and laugh at how amazing it is.”

Ezekiel almost replied with, ‘You have got to be kidding me,’ yet somehow the following was said instead with a straight grin, “Sounds like you have been busy, how can you be sure it is ready…?”

A scoff came from the taller figure, “Testing of course, come on, let’s go inside so you can see.”

“That is not exactly what I mean. Are you sure you want to melt the body Ostellos currently resides within? The spirit stole another’s body, do you not have any sympathy or respect towards them? No one suggested the same happen to you a few years ago.”

“You, you came out here to tell me that?” Aaron raised his voice higher now. “I wouldn’t blame anyone wanting to do the same to me back then. My moment of weakness has created a cost that can never be repaid! People still have suffered because of Muspelheim’s existence!” The ethereal engineer approached Ezekiel, his six feet three inches hunching over the rogue’s five and seven inches. Ezekiel was forced to take a step back or be eye to eye with a mage. That position wouldn’t favor the rogue, so he took a defensive stance, one ready to react in a moment’s notice.

Katarin was trying her best to keep still, she had to await the signal from her old partner. At this point she was beginning to view for herself Ezekiel’s perspective mentioned a couple hours earlier. She was not particularly well acquainted with Aaronock, but she had spoken with him briefly a few times before, this man who now spoke was still eloquent in his speech, but a vicious tone now followed with it.

A squeal came from the hallway inside. It came from Cream, the impervious little Drops. “A-ah-ah-ron, what are you doing!!!!” However, this cry came too late and Aaron with surprising speed despite the temperament his body displayed had grabbed Ezekiel’s arm. It began to smolder from a quickly rising heat, the glove adorned on his arm smoking and falling apart.

Ezekiel gritted his teeth, wincing and trying to shake free. Between the agonizing pain he managed to tell the following: “Bastard! No better than Ostellos! For this!” Upon hearing the insult, the ethereal engineer snarled and applied more pressure to his grip.

“Take back what you said you…you…snide noble ass, fae-loving piece of shit.” The fire surrounding Aaron’s arm lit brighter, the flame beginning to cover more of Ezekiel’s arm.

That was enough for Katarin then to react, signal or not. She surged from the wall towards Aaronock, needle in her sword arm, and jumped the inventor’s backside. Aaronock then freed Ezekiel, the rogue reeled back from the force of the energy and was knocked to the ground. As Aaronock continued to struggle to knock Katarin off, she grasped him tightly around his neck. “Screw you!” She cursed through gritted teeth. They continued the fight, Aaron trying to shake her off and Katarin cursing at him, trying to get a good choke hold on him to apply for poison she received earlier. Ezekiel tried to get up but found each time he tried the burns he suffered shot up his side. They had to resolve this soon, lights were beginning to turn on, and nosy neighbors would crowd the neighborhood. Aaron would blab and there’d be consequences then for failure.

Cream had been at a loss and dazed by the events, constantly opening his mouth to scream but a hoarse pant only coming out instead. However, his bearings had begun to return, and he realized what was going on. The blob jumped forward and attempted to wrap his slime like body around Aaronock’s leg. The distraction did its job and Aaron, while trying to dislodge Cream, found himself at last hit in the arm by the drug. Katarin jumped off, landed on her feet and panting, stretched her body out. It didn’t take long for the poisons to kick in, and it was now Aaron’s turn to curse them all.

“Even you side with them Cream? Why?”

Cream’s eyes puffed up and he frowned, “Because, ever since Ostellos has been back you haven’t been normal. You push everyone away thinking you got all the answers. But you’re being a big dumb brick, you don’t know anything at all!”

Aaron managed a laugh while he began to cough. “Yah, do you think you’d be in a proper state of mind considering what that bastard’s done at this point. So many are dead now cause of my weakness, my

“That is hard to argue with,” Katarin stated. She had rushed over to Ezekiel and begun applying medical attention with a white potion and bandages. She whispered to him that he’d be fine, flicked his forehead, and turned right back to the Ethereal Engineer, “But even so, it isn’t your fault this time. Even if I hadn’t stuck you with that needle I’d say you’re in no condition to be anywhere on a battlefield. You should thank this other idiot master rogue right now because he just saved your life.”

“HAH! And probably damned too many others for the effort.”

“Stop being so damned melodramatic Aaron. Shouldn’t have even given you a chance to be nice in the first place, I refuse to the next time.”

But Aaronock hadn’t heard all what Ezekiel had to say, the tall man’s eyes had shut and he breathed with heavy, laborious breaths through his mouth. Others from around the neighborhood had approached. It was Cream who approached the crowd, “Uhm, sorry about this, he’s been sick, and his friends came by to get him to the hospital. They uh, had to go to some extreme measures as you can see here.”

Ezekiel whistled, Katarin flicked his forehead and placed a finger over his lips to get him to hush. Cream continued, “So, um, you guys should go home now, we’ll get his bags and take him right on the double over to Prontera’s hospital so he can get fixed right on up.”

“GODS, thank YOU two for even COMING.” Spoke out an older lady. “He’s been barely sleeping these past weeks, having strange coughing fits and just a terrible hunching mess when on his daily walks. He’s a pretty young man, shouldn’t be allowed to suffer so. May Odin smile upon your generosity and patience.” Some others gave similar words as they returned to their homes. One of the mages stopped by and helped to get the inventor onto a stretcher then conjured it into the air to float and follow upon a simple word command.

Once everyone left, Cream bounced back over to the rogue duo. “BAM, learned a page from your book there, huh Zeke?”

“Got to admit, you did alright there.” A grin formed from ear to ear on Zeke. “I owe you quite a lot of candy for assessing that situation and coming to a proper judgement, and on top of that, making such a great save for the two of us.”

Katarin cleared her throat, “Ahem, I should tell you not to bother with fighting in a few days too, but that I know is useless. Get a healer to fix up what they can, tip ‘em right and try to avoid using your shield arm too much for awhile, you dolt.”

He nodded, it was pointless to argue when she began to act so bossy. The potion had begun to numb the marks made by Aaronock’s grip, which finally allowed him to stand. At least his gloves took most of the damage instead of his arm. “Before we leave, Cream, help me gather any research necessities this jerk on the stretcher might hide in case of the worst. Oh, and of course some travel necessities. I shall pay for his little hospital visit, least I can do considering circumstances.”

“Aye aye cap’n! You got it!~” He cooed and hopped with surprising momentum to do exactly as requested inside the home. It took a while due to the piles of items that had gathered around the home, but manage it they did. The three reached Prontera’s hospital before early morning’s sunrise. There wasn’t much time for the two of them to prepare for the coming battle in Geffen, but they would have to make the most of it.

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*Aaronock ~ *Ezekiel Stalker ~ *Maxwell Maximillion ~ *Fazil Reis ~ *Cecil Vega
04-23-2017 11:51 AM
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Aaronock Online
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RE: Aaronock's RP Writings

OOC: These events transpire after the events of Death of a Leader 04/22/2017.
The investigator, Adelaide Adlersflugel, had been pronounced dead at the Geffen Hospital. There weren’t too many inside the hospital room, but he, as nobleman, was there to hear the grave news. Emotions that had been held back now flurried throughout the space, it was not lost on even the master rogue. Even he experienced a sudden disbelief at the change of her condition. Selene Winterfield, wife of Adelaide, took charge over the room, sharing with them how she would now take over the Anti-Terrorism Task Force.

This bureaucracy mattered not one bit with Ezekiel. It felt odder that he was in a room of people, going by his birth name. He had only gained entry because he was one of the few to help bring her body across Geffen’s eastern fields to the hospital. It was he who did most of the work, growling and barking orders to stay away if anyone else had gotten too close. Whatever possessed him to act that way, he was the nobleman, he wasn’t meant to carry out such work. All that was forgotten to him while he carried out the task to bring her body back, at least it wasn’t in Eudoxie’s hands. He had shivered a few times only imagining the kinds of magical infliction she could have left. Bringing her home body back to regular civilization was better, even if it meant he acted more like the rogue over the nobleman in the whole affair.

Then he told himself, maybe things would have turned out differently had he not failed to find Eudoxie hours earlier.

The harshness of failure was not lost on the one currently calling himself Ezekiel Stalker. It was one of the first rules learned when climbing up the ranks of the Rogue’s Guild. Failure usually meant either your own life, and others were lost. The price this time just wasn’t Adelaide’s soul, so many lost their livelihoods and families and countless other things he couldn’t quite fathom. Geffen had to execute the Plan B to keep the forces of undead and spirits at bay. It brought reprieve from the monsters, but would isolate the city till the repairs could occur.

His body walked forward as close as he could to Adel’s bed in the crowded room. He stared at her tattered body and began to have a silent, personal conversation.

I am going to apologize ahead of time, I am not very good at handling these sorts of emotional affairs. However, I am…at a loss for how you lived out your wounds from the monstrous form of Kushiel, but pass from those inflicted by Eudoxie. Perhaps our bodies are meant to only take so much stress…

Stress that I am sure was more than just physical. Just how much of yourself did you give in your attempts to subdue both Ostellos and Eudoxie these past many months? I will never get the chance to ask you while alive in this world.

Tch, shit, should I not be asking how long I got if I keep going where I am? We do work in a similar fields afterall, your’s at least had rules that supposedly helped to protect you. I am without even that…

Another failure and what then? Hmph, probably dead.

And by the Gods, if there was one thing you loved, it was your stupid job. You probably did it for more than just the thrill of it, you did it for the same reasons I do. Inaction comes with its own consequences, and there’s an ideal world we strive for.

Adelaide, there is one thing I can promise you, I will do everything in my power to help you finish what you could not involving Eudoxie and Ostellos. This time, we make certain they can never come back once taken out at last.

At this point, Selene had begun to disperse the crowd in the room asking for time to be alone with Adelaide. This made sense, she was not only the wife, but co-worker afterall, and he was sure that there were many tasks involved with giving her a proper sendoff. Ezekiel wanted out of there anyway after staring at Adelaide’s battered body with his thoughts alone to occupy him. A few tears had begun to well up as he stepped through the door into the hospital hallway, it was best he vanished before anyone could see him all emotional. The last thing he wanted was anyone to notice. He pulled his bandanna he wore then closer to his eyes, held his head low and began to walk briskly away from Adelaide’s room. Soon he’d be back on the streets and able to hide away for a little while before returning to Prontera to brief King Ernst of his version of events.

[Image: OHeya.gif]

*Aaronock ~ *Ezekiel Stalker ~ *Maxwell Maximillion ~ *Fazil Reis ~ *Cecil Vega
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04-23-2017 11:58 AM
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Aaronock Online
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RE: Aaronock's RP Writings

OOC: This story is still after the events detailed in Death of a Leader 04/22/2017, but after the post above. It is a conclusion to the first post in this topic.
"I should say, I am surprised you let me see you willingly." Ezekiel Stalker walked sheepishly into the Prontera hospital room before seating himself in one of the two wooden chairs spaced about the area. Only two days earlier had he been in Geffen's own hospital to hear the grave news that Adelaide had not lived the battle at Geffen.

Aaronock laid in the bed, and coughed repeatedly, "If I didn't, you'd have snuck in somehow to say or do whatever it is you wanted. So, it’d be pointless, but you have gall nonetheless. Was it worth it to stop me from fighting to protect my current home from the threat of Ostellos and Eudoxie, to repent at least a little for past sins?"

Ezekiel paused, part of him wanted to deflect the answer, but Aaronock did deserve an honest response, "...Yes, I still stand by that decision without regret. Repent for the past by fixing the cause, not the symptoms."

Aaronock blinked and turned his head towards the window. Small streams of light shed through the sheer curtains. "I hate that you're right, and I hate even more I couldn't yet still play a part days earlier. But I have been given some time to conjecture why you drugged me. Because of that, I can forgive you. In addition to that, I must extend my thanks at least for saving my research and the library books. Without that, there wouldn't be any chance for a fix to my Bifrost Project at the gates of Muspelheim." His hand waved at the direction of the materials that were brought to the hospital the night of their little scuffle.

After the Ethereal Engineer spoke, he coughed some more. Despite running an elevated temperature, he was beginning to look better than the other night. The sleep he had been getting was restoring his body. His hair was brushed, and the dark circles under his eyes had mostly dissipated. His tone when speaking had lost much of its vicious edge. "Are you sad that Adelaide is gone?"

Ezekiel was startled by the question, and he jumped in his chair. His head leaned over, "I cannot help but feel somehow responsible."

"C'mon! Why can't you ever be forthright about anything?" Aaronock shrugged after mentioning that and continued, "Even so, don't let it eat you alive, anyone who chose to stay at the city knew the risks. There were others to be eyes, ears, and hands in the battle. Finish this the way she, -Adelaide- would have wanted."

Ezekiel nodded, "I already made that decision. In relation to that, The Midgard Times has published an item list of sorts for a new toy that might be able to stop those mad spirits. However... I do not have any of the ingredients currently."

Aaronock gazed harshly at Ezekiel, and began rubbing his cheek. With a heavy breath he told the rogue, "I've looked at that list, Ezekiel, and I have a few theories as to what they are making. Most likely one of my them will be correct. And because of that, I must tell you - none of it is for YOU to touch, got it? I know you're all about bending and breaking the rules, but this time I'm serious. On this one thing, heed my words. It is NOT. For. You. Capiche?"

"Mind telling me your theories of what they are cooking then before I make a decision?"

"No, promise me. Promise me you won't touch or use whatever they create unless it is life or death for all of us."

Ezekiel rocked in the chair uncomfortably, it wasn't like Aaronock to not give answers. "Very well, that I can promise. I will not touch or utilize the thing these crazy magicians cook up unless as a final resort." The taller man in the bed seemed relieved after hearing that. Ezekiel, would be unable to forget the image of restfulness of the inventor lying half sick in his hospital bed. It would be important not to forget should he even consider breaking the vow he just made.

"Do not worry, no matter how brilliant Ostellos and Eudoxie might seem, they won't be able to come to the right conjectures about what those sages are planning. Since you promise, and I know you are good for your word," Aaronock then pointed over to his suitcase, "Take the key to my house from my vest, go to the workshop, and look in that olive-green metal cabinet. You will find more than enough 'Dark Pieces' inside. I was using it for my machine to melt Ostel...but that won't be necessary at all now."

As Ezekiel dug around Aaronock's belongings he asked, "By the way, where is Cream?"

"Oh, aha..." a cough came from the man on the bed as he was starting to drift off, "Mmm, he is gallavanting around and being social with the staff here. They like him, but they wouldn't feel that way if they lived with him."

"Thanks, I got some candy to drop off with him before I leave."

A yawn and then a final reply, "...Don't spoil him...too much..."

Ezekiel chuckled at the comment. With the key in hand he pulled out from his pocket some fancy chocolates he picked up from a chocolatier from the rich side of town before his arrival at the hospital. It was time to find the orange goo-ball and wrap up his time at his current location. Work was quickly piling up, and this was probably his final reprieve for a while. Things wouldn't be simple till Ostellos, Eudoxie, and now a fully powered Dark Lord were disposed of one way or another.

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*Aaronock ~ *Ezekiel Stalker ~ *Maxwell Maximillion ~ *Fazil Reis ~ *Cecil Vega
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04-25-2017 11:59 AM
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Aaronock Online
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RE: Aaronock's RP Writings

These events occur after the event Soulbound 05/01/2017 but BEFORE After The Storm 05/14/2017.

There will be several writings coming out over the next few weeks or so as I try to prepare my characters for the next Chronicles RP events.
“Yes yes, I’ll be fine.” That’s how it started outside the closed door to Aaronock’s hospital room. The nurses kept disputing his decision to leave. Ezekiel, waiting outside the room, rolled his eyes. Aaronock had determination in his voice, and he wouldn’t back down easily now. The countering continued, “Gosh, stop being so fussy, I’m leaving.” Then, “I’m conscious and on my feet, you can’t exactly stop me at this point.” And finally ended with Aaron grumbling, “I’m getting my staff and bags right now. Cream, c’mon, stop trying to look up every nurses’ skirt, that’s so inappropriate!!!” Cream’s nasally chortles rang throughout the room. As if in sync, the nurses’ pitch changed from concern to screeching

Then without warning, the ethereal engineer burst through the room, carrying his bags and a staff slung across his back. Cream the Drops speedily followed out; bouncing down the hallway. The nurses bounded through the door only seconds later infuriated and rushing the tall man out of the building. Ezekiel followed, finally bursting into a chuckle once outside, “…Did Cream really peek up their skirts…?”

Cream was still in front of the pair as Aaronock’s face tensed and blurted out, “Only once today! But she didn’t notice, and it made for easy inspiration as a way to get out of there.” Cream heard what Aaronock said and beamed proudly with a wide, gooey smile.

Another chuckle followed with a reply came from the rogue, “I have paid for all the hospital services.”

“Even better, now let’s go on a walk back to Geffen.”

“Are you certain? Kafra teleportation would be far quicker…”

“And I don’t care, I need to stretch my legs and feet. I’ll do it with, or without you.”

Ezekiel would shrug his shoulders and not advance the topic any further. The decision became walking, and hopefully it wouldn’t be too troublesome for the trio.

The walk took them much of the day. They waltzed the streets of Prontera to the capital’s western gates that reached out into the fields near the culverts. Another turn eventually took them northwards to the hills halfway to Geffen. There they ate lunch and Cream chased after the various insect life residing in the forest. Then they continued heading westward, and Geffen at last popped into the horizon. Atop the hill before the town of mages Aaronock stopped for a final break. The taller man gestured for the other man to stop and sit. The other obliged, saying nothing, and looking at the destruction wrought upon the city from afar.

The destruction on the city was far from minor. Across the city houses were torn here and there, rooftops were blown off, all sorts of nooks and crannies throughout the city filled in with rubble. At least the primary areas of the city had the debris cleared. Even there however, razed areas from the attack left major gaps that made the city feel ever emptier and ruined.

Though from their current location they could not see it, Ezekiel had seen on the day it occurred the full wreckage the bridges sustained to the north and west of town when Adelaide initiated ‘Plan B’. They laid mired in the depths of the bodies of water that surrounded Geffen, nobody could get inside the town by foot except from the direction the trio currently traveled upon.

An hour passed with no dialogue spoken between any in the party. It was Aaronock who’d eventually break the silence. Between raspy breaths he murmured, “Those nurses, they didn’t want me to leave, but they don’t understand, I had to see what those bastards Ostellos and Eudoxie did to my home.”

As Ezekiel listened to Aaronock finally speak he dug around one of the bags they carried and pulled out some medicine, handing it to the inventor.

After swallowing the liquid inside the bottle, Aaronock continued, whispering, “My house is over there, to the southwest in town, somehow it didn’t take a lick of damage it looks like from here.” A cheerless laughter accompanied the statement and then he continued to hollowly glare at the city down below.

Finally, Aaron began to speak at his usual volume, “Ostellos and Eudoxie are now sealed up by cold, spiritually based magics that most don’t even touch. I’ve heard rumors about the guy who wielded the weapon that locked them away.” Aaronock shifted his position but never averted his gaze held upon the city below. “He’s still alive, lucky for him, because he could have ripped his own soul into more pieces than there are fragments of Ymir if he wasn’t. For all we know a bit of himself got stuck inside despite not taking a wound from it.”

After a sigh, Aaronock still staring at the town below then pointed a finger in Ezekiel’s decision. “The mages used a solution that I’m not the happiest with. Still think my solution was the most simplistic, just evaporate the two of them – body and soul – entirely. Quite dangerous and more than deadly, as far as solutions go, but if you’re going to go all out, may as well go all in too. You think…you think I’d be happy either way, Ostellos and Eudoxie can’t be threats to us anymore.”

Aaronock then paused for a while, folding his arms and basking in the now slowly setting sun. His eyebrow twitched when he spoke next, “How I’ve acted and treated everyone the last year or so should have me second guessing my own abilities. Hoarding all this knowledge and magical talent, and look at me flounder about so uselessly in anger at the mere sight of Ostellos. I’m far from being quite as special as I thought, there’s no way I can be a better leader in this world than those already placed there.”

Ezekiel shrugged from behind, uncertain what to say to ease the muddled emotions he believed the Ethereal Engineer experienced now. “Not all are called to lead…”

The inventor cut the rogue off, “I know that, but I so strongly believed I was some sort of ‘chosen one.’ The plans I had laid if I ever became leader of the Light Allegiance…I thought it my place in the world to fix all the myriad problems of corruption throughout society. Ostellos and Eudoxie believed something similar, but for the Dark Alliance and Erebos, and look where those ideals took them. Their idea of justice was destruction. What use is the world they want to create however, if only tatters of society were left?”

Aaronock turned to look at Ezekiel then, and the latter rubbed the backside of his head shyly. In the back of Ezekiel’s mind, he contemplated why he needed to bother with this. He intended to only make sure the inventor did nothing rash whilst returning home. He hadn’t anticipated the other to want, nay, need comfort from him. The time to share his opinion was now or never. With a shrug Ezekiel finally shared, “As I said to others before, it would be trading one form of tyranny for another. What world we live in now is far from perfect, for many who hold power abuse it to no end. However, the current world keeps people safe from the monsters and wild magics of our planet. Ostellos and Eudoxie’s world could never promise even that. Better there is progress in our civilization than to send her back. Indeed, what good is a new society if all everyone does is look for all the lost knowledge of the civilization that preceded it?”

“You armed with those beliefs, Ezekiel…well, that explains why you’ll be the better of us one day…if that day hasn’t arrived already. My solutions to problems are far more simplistic. You actually think of the ramifications beyond yourself and those closest to you. Perhaps I’d be happier doing the same more often.”

Now it was Ezekiel’s turn to wag a finger at Aaronock, “Do not envy whatever you perceive as my position and lot in life. Neither of us alone really have the power or influence to change the winds of society. Knowing that, I can see why people may foolishly find Eudoxie and Ostellos’s solutions so elegantly appealing. Or why they themselves saw it as the only solution.”

A laughter broke from the Ethereal Engineer. The Master Rogue saw fit to saunter over and punch the other man’s arm, and then inquiring about what humored Aaronock so. A clear answer never came, only the words, ‘You’ll figure it out eventually’ could be shaken from him.

Cream bobbled forward to face Aaronock instead, “I rarely say this, but I’d like to get home sometime today! Now let’s go, celebrate the small victories we’ve gotten, and prepare to end Dark Lord. That’ll put things mostly back to normal!”

Aaronock smiled, “Ah, now that sounds like an interesting plan you crafted, but should we execute it, hm hm hm?”

“Are you alright then to continue walking?”

“Ah, of course.” Stretching, Aaron then continued, “Before we go, I want you to know, somehow, I am more at peace with myself and past mistakes made than ever before. Once this, ‘Liberated Dark Lord,’ as they call him is sent away, all the threads Eudoxie and Ostellos crafted will have been dispatched. Anything remaining will be easily thrown to the four winds by comparison.”

“Funny you should be bringing that up, I have an official notice from King Ernst himself looking for adventurers to battle against that deathly foe. A reward is definitely involved. Interested?”

“Ah ho ho, what’s this, why do I have your blessing to fight now?”

“I originally had no intensions of allowing you, but you’ve said more than enough to ease any worries I had before…”

Cream bobbled back and forth excitedly. “Jeez, just take the note and let’s go for the glory…and chicks!”

“Huh? Why are you in such a rush to go headlong against fearsome foes? I don’t see any backbone growing inside of you now do I?” Aaronock teasingly rolled his foot over the top of the Drops as he stood. A motion was given that he was finally ready to head to town. “Best we hurry before the full evening sets. Let’s make tea if we can once we reach my place.”

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05-24-2017 09:40 PM
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