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Monster Trial Was Hard 14.29% 4 14.29%
Item Trial Was Easy 0% 0 0%
Item Trial Was Balanced 7.14% 2 7.14%
Item Trial Was Hard 21.43% 6 21.43%
Trivia Was Easy 3.57% 1 3.57%
Trivia Was Balanced 10.71% 3 10.71%
Trivia Was Hard 7.14% 2 7.14%
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Trial of Heroes, May 2017 Feedback Thread
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Trial of Heroes, May 2017 Feedback Thread

Host: GM-Luna and GM-Ciar

Monster Trial:
  • 10x Flying Fish (Pneuma, Pang Voice, Pulse Strike, Sonic Wave, Wide Confusion)
  • 7x Rose Lif (Ankle Snare, Bleeding, Poison, Ominous Moonlight, Heal@Target)
  • 5x Sea Scorpion (Wall of Fog, Safety Wall, Decrease Agility, Diamond Dust, Blind Attack)
  • 3x Dark Fae (Curse Attack, Napalm Vulcan, Spirit Destruction, Wide Silence, Divest Weapon@Cart Termination)
  • 1x Creamy Queen (Hallucination, Wide Silence, Wide Confusion, Increase Agility, Mirror Image, Change Holy Below 25% HP, Wide Sleep->Idle)

Item Trial (20 Minute Time Limit):
  • 14 White Moustache
  • 10 Blue Hair Lock
  • 8 Genie's Lamp
  • 4 Moon Jewel
  • 2 Magic Necklace

  • 1. What card enables the use of Lv 1 Hide? Smokie or Kraken, 11 people got it right.
  • 2. What is the name of the map where Turtle General lives? tur_dun04 or Turtle Palace, 1 person got it right.
  • 3. What name do the Sapha call their region (Manuk, etc)? Jotunheim or Jotunheimr, no one got it right.
  • 4. Name one of the fiends that recently tried conquering Midgard. Dark Lord or Beelzebub, 5 people got it right.
  • 5. What is the prefix/suffix for alarm card? Seeker or Seeker's, 2 people got it right.
  • 6. What accessory card increases damage with earth spike? Mavka, 8 people got it right.

Mass Battle:
Light Side Forfeited

Total Players: 15
Light Heroes: 5
Dark Heroes: 10

Duration: 1 Hour and 30 minutes.

Thanks for joining!

05-28-2017 11:09 PM
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RE: Trial of Heroes, May 2017 Feedback Thread

I was quite honestly embarassed by how poorly my ninja Performed tonight. It started off Okay with those Flying fish duders, *SONIC BOOM!* All of their skills, save for pang voice and maybe wide confusion(?) were blocked by Ciceda skin shedding. I took it slow, because I didn't know how they'd react.I shoulda tried mobbing them with Fire Formation and North Wind Spams. They weren't aggro, though they did like to cast Sonic Wave while Idling, so since I didn't do enough damage to 1 of them, I had to walk to the exit. 5 points.

the Lifs were the start of my problems this runthrough. Them and my Ninja's Immortal enemy, Walls. Aggressive, fast moving Rosebuds all Shoving the ninja in a corner, trapping it, Doing that Omnivore Moonlight And Healing me to death on top of those Damage over time skills. Even if I did live longer, it seems like healing items were ill advised this ToH.

Sea Scorpions. I thought I could take them, but I'm not sure if it was a bug or what, but that Diamond dust kept my character from moving, and I couldn't use my aloe leaflets. I need more research into 3rd class skills.

I did decent enough damage to one of the fae with Fire Formation, as it's boss flagged and took all the hits of the firewall, butit wasn't enough. The cramped corridors of ToH Monster trial isn't ideal for RO's ninja to fight.

Didn't really get to see the last one, Shadow jumped on the portal at the start of the round, and bugged out. It was like I warped, but didn't. I got stuck and couldn't move, had to have Ciar warp me out at the end of the round.

Item Trial seemed fair from the standpoint of a Magic user. I just wasted too much time looking up the info and trying to decide how to do things. Turtle General is amazingly weak to magic, was surprised lvl 5 Fire Petals was enough to OHKO most of the time. Thana and Ifrit, I defaulted to ice spear. Ifrit got OHKO'ed. Thana was problematic with his hammerfall on the times he did survive.

Tried going for Tao gunka for the other 2 items needed to craft the magic necklace, but it's much too mobby for me to crowd control it, and he's got too much mdef <_>;;

Trivia, Ones like Turtle Palace or Seeker's Prefix, I think I oughta know those, but dangit, I botched it. I'll be honest, I've never gotten the Wing of the wise king to translate what the Fairies or Giants say, so I honestly learned something tonight.

My ninja is no heRO. My ninja is a Side character. Used once in a Filler Arc and maybe as a background character as a cameo, but never really talked to or about again after it's time in the limelight. Admittedly, it stood a better chance than a lot of my other mages.

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05-29-2017 02:58 AM
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RE: Trial of Heroes, May 2017 Feedback Thread

In the entire monster trial i used only 2 c.white potions, but around 25-30 blue potions as some faes used Spirit Destruction.

1) flying fish: easy.
2) rose lif: so cool being healed/damaged by heal for 0 dmg. Avoided all the traps!
3) sea scorpions: diamond dust? more like "pleasant breeze." Annoying with WoF and SW. No big deal.
4) dark fae: ohohoh i knew theres always one or more monsters with divestWeap@CT; anyway, 3hko+occasional stun gg ez.
5) creamy queen: more like, i-cant-inflict-statuses queen. Mashed to mush!

Item trial: hard, but fine. I got a bit unlucky with some drops so i ended killing sooo many monsters to reach the required amounts; i managed to fulfill the mustaches, the lamps, the jewels and a couple of blue hairlocks. I hoped for 25 minutes, these 20 minutes felt like 10.

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05-29-2017 07:52 AM
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