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The Ship of Fools
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The Ship of Fools

It had been so long since the events had reached the headlines of the Midgard Times. The assassination of the Princes and King of Rune Midgard, the appearance of Satan Morroc and the subsequent destruction of the town of Morroc, as well as the liberation of the Dark Lord. Glast Heim, always a den of evil for as long as anyone could remember is even more infested, and is still spreading.

Certainly, there had been some movement in the forces of the Dark Allegiance to try to help contain these calamities, but they didn't seem to impact much, as they seemed to be more focused on keeping those damned Light siders in check, as well as their own internal power struggles.

One such dark priestess was beginning to grow weary of such news, and decided that her personal involvement was now necessary. A crimson clad priestess, with a large cruciform hat, who's pretty much infamous for pretty much being a ghost in the community, noone really knew when or where she'd pop up; was currently In the middle of nearly a dozen knightly characters approaching with their swords dragging on the ground. Their skin was a deathly green, and covered with what one could assume to be blood.

"Heal!!" Her soft voice echoed through the large, aged marble corridors, followed shortly by the "Pop!" of one of those knight's heads exploding, the body, falling to the ground shortly after before the dark magic of the area disassembled it.

"Another friend I could not recruit..." Her voice was genuinely disapointed, as she sidestepped another one's swipe at her with it's sword, promptly being grabbed by another knight and being bashed into a nearby wall.

She got taken back a bit by the shock, before brushing her faded bloody hair from her face. "I'm getting far too old for this." She grumbled in pain, knowing she'd have to keep moving to avoid the coming onslaught.

The knights stumbled and shambled towards her in pursuit, as she stopped in the middle of what appeared to be a run down dining hall of sort. She raised up a Large book in her right hand, and a bright blue light shined forth from the hand that held it. IN the left hand, she brought out beaded rosaries that seemed to resonate with the light and shine a circle on the floor before her, as the knights shambled mindlessly into it.

"All aboard the Ship of Fools. The light will burn thy flesh and purify thy spirit, readying you for the trip to the next world. May you have another chance at honor in death, and earn your way into Valhalla's embrace. I can only show you the path." She cackled slightly, Reaching into a pouch on her waist with her left hand, pulling out a different rosary, cackling slightly as the mobs were just about in her face.

"Magnus Exorcismus!!" Her voice boomed as a blinding burst of light shown from that circle that was projected on the floor. The Bodies crackled as they stood in light, trying to inch ever closer to the lady in red, as she circled around to the opposite side of the magic she brought forth. Her voice echoed through the building, most certainly alerting any other ghouls and ghosts to her presence. Five Seconds of being engulfed in the light, and the mob had been essentially vaporized.

She held her breath for a second, glancing across the room quickly, before whistling a short hymn from the Prontera church. The whistling seemed very eerie, especially in such ruined halls, but at the same time hauntingly beautiful. When she finished whistling, she said one single word before her knees gave out on her. "Magnificat!!"

Her red priestess uniform did extremely well to hide the wounds the knights had inflicted upon her. Not even she noticed how much blood she had lost thus far. She was nearly out of mana and her eyes were growing heavy. She pressed one of her arms firmly against her abdomen, and prayed the bleeding would stop shortly, or at the very least long enough for her to recover enough energy to retreat to a safe locale.

Her thoughts raced as she sat there. She could hear metallic sounds scraping on the floor in the distance, and tried to anticipate what would happen if she could not recover. She silently cursed the people who allowed the Dark Lord to be freed and made the Demons of Glast Heim even stronger than before. A horse's whinny as well as some moans reverberated through the halls. The Bleeding had seemed to have stopped for the moment. She tried to think of what the best way to handle all of the scenarios that have recently happened to cause so much mayhem and disorder. She could have sworn she saw some people walk by, but thought the dark magic of the area was causing her to hallucinate, and chose to ignore it.

She struggled for a minute to get back to her feet, before brushing off her skirt. " Clearly, there is too much evil that needs to be purged." , she muttured under her breath, before pausing and listening to the echoes in the chambers. "I need to run this idea to the church. ... Gloria Patri Saecularia...."

The lady took another deep breath looking around the room once more. She focused for a second before saying another single word. "Teleport!!"

An armored figure crept around the corner just the instant she spoke, before a blue light flashed and whisped her away, seemingly almost as if out of existance. It stood there almost dumbstruck for a good minute before dragging it's sword on the ground elsewhere.

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