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Today, the residents of Splendide reported strange events happening at The Bifrost north of the town, and allowed access to heroes who volunteered to assist in the investigation. After a short journey the heroes reached a maze forest, where they found the guardian of Yggdrasil being tormented by two mysterious beings.

One was revealed to be a shadow of Surtur, attempting to influence the dragon to destroy The Bifrost, and the other being was Kushiel's Will, which had his own plans for the dragon. While still trapped within Yggdrasil's Roots, Kushiel managed to use his powers to reach the dragon and wanted to control it to free himself.

The heroes defeated the two shadows, but the guardian of Yggdrasil had already gone berserk and attacked the heroes. It eventually fled upon defeat, and everything seemed to return to peace again in the new world. However, with the power to appear in Yggdrasil, both Kushiel and Surtur can cause great harm, so they might return to torment the lost dragon at any moment.


There's a new area to explore! Bifrost Fields are now accessible to all players, just head north from Splendide!

The Hazy Maze forest is also accessible from Bifrost Field 01 and 02. It's not an instance for the time being, so any amount of players can enter. Mora village is also accessible from 3 corners of the second bifrost field, or from the Cat Hand NPCs.

The field and dungeon's mobs are best suited for parties of at least 2 averagely geared level 80 players. They are anti-magic and don't respond well to ranged attacks, so melee classes will shine here, provided they carry a wind armor!

General Mob Info:

Pom Spider
15270 HP, 33590/27485 Exp
520~900 ATK, 540~924 MATK
20 DEF, 60 MDEF
140 Hit, 125 Flee
Insect, Medium Size, Poison 3
Notable Drops: Mental Stick (.30%), Chrome Sword (.45%)
Notable Skills: Potion Pitcher Lv 3, Blind Attack, Poison Attack, Quagmire @ Double Strafe or Sharpshooting

Angra Mantis
17495 HP, 41985/36735 Exp
835~1160 ATK, 15~36 MATK
30 DEF, 30 MDEF
170 Hit, 140 Flee
Insect, Medium Size, Earth 3
Notable Drops: Loki's Nail (.60%), Rampage [3] (.30%), Angra Mantis Card
Notable Skills: Triple Attack Lv 1, Chain Combo, Joint Beat Lv 3, Wide Bleeding+Teleport when rude attacked, Increasing Accuracy+Dragon Combo when long range attacked

20374 HP, 52970/44820 Exp
400~640 ATK, 506~864 MATK
30 DEF, 58 MDEF
Brute, Small Size, Wind 2
132 Hit, 137 Flee
Notable Drops: Bradium Brooch (.12%), Parus Card
Notable Skills: Wind Blade, North Wind, Sonic Wave, Tatami Flip when long range attacked

Little Fatum
24132 HP, 48750/48750 Exp
850~1040 ATK, 356~594 MATK
20 DEF, 70 MDEF
150 Hit, 130 Flee
Angel, Small Size, Wind 2
Notable Drops: Blade Whip (.60%), Black Leather Boots [0] (.60%), Dance Shoes [1] (.30%), Little Fatum Card
Notable Skills: Sandman, Sand Attack, Sleep Attack, Wind Blade, Wide Sleep when rude attacked

18995 HP, 36090/45585 Exp
150~400 ATK, 506~864 MATK
20 DEF, 60 MDEF
160 Hit, 80 Flee
Brute, Small Size, Neutral 3
Notable Drops: Telekinetic Orb (.30%), Miming Card
Notable Skills: Lightning Bolt, Impositio Manus when friend HP is below 50%, Jupitel Thunder when HP is below 30%, Napalm Vulcan when long range attacked

Boss Info:

Lost Dragon
2925000 HP, 9360000/14625000 Exp
4029~5029 ATK, 841~1476 MATK
20 DEF, 50 MDEF
195 Hit, 160 Flee
Dragon, Large, Wind 4
Mode: Idle, Boss, Detector, Plant Mode (Takes 1 damage from everything)
Notable Drops: Old Card Album (100%), Durga [1] (60%), Rosevine (60%), Black Leather Boots [1] (60%), Yggdrasil Crown (30%)
Notable Skills: Summon Slaves (Kushiel's Will+Whispers of Surtur), Dragon Fear, Wide Confusion, Sonic Blow, Thunderstorm, Wall of Fog, NPC Emotion

Kushiel's Will
978000 HP, 1956000/1956000 Exp
580~1380 ATK, 506~864 MATK
20 DEF, 80 MDEF
190 Hit, 110 Flee
Angel, Medium Size, Wind 4
Notable Skills: Thunderstorm, Wind Blade, Kyrie Eleison @ Target, Chain Lightning, Comet, Lord of Vermilion

Whispers of Surtur
913346 HP, 1826690/1826690 Exp
2280~2980 ATK, 356~594 MATK
25 DEF, 25 MDEF
150 Hit, 120 Flee
Formless, Medium Size, Wind 4
Notable Skills: Spread Attack, Desperado, Safety Wall @ Random Target, Throw Huuma Shuriken, Wind Cutter, Masquerade Laziness, Sharp Shooting

The MVP itself is idle, but its followers are aggressive. Kushiel's Will is a ranged attacker and uses mainly magic skills, while Whispers of Surtur is a melee attacker and uses physical skills. Each has a moderately powerful skill that may wipe a party, at the cost of having a slow cast time and being interruptable. Both have many AoE skills casted at random targets so everyone in the battle against the dragon should be adequately geared.

While both slaves are alive, the MVP is completely immune to all attacks. Both slaves must be defeated in order to be able to finish off the boss. The dragon itself doesn't have a huge variety of deadly skills, so once the slaves are dead, the rest of the fight is relatively smoother sailing. However, if the party somehow wipes or the MVP goes idle, the Lost Dragon will attempt to summon its followers and become immune again, so caution is advised!

New Gear Info:

Durga [1]
Type: Katar
Atk: 150
Weight: 120
Refinable: Yes
Weapon Level: 3
Usable Jobs: Assassin
ASPD + 3%
Pierces defense of target by 10%.
[Assassin Cross]
Further pierces defense of target by 15%.

Yggdrasil Crown [1]
Type: Upper Headgear
Def: 0
Weight: 20
Refinable: Yes
Usable Jobs: Every job
MDEF +7.
Increases recovery from the heal skill and HP recovery items by 5%.
When attacked, there is a chance to restore 10% of your missing HP and 4% of your missing SP over 10 seconds.

08-11-2017 11:03 PM
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RE: Bifrost

*_* frosty!

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08-12-2017 07:39 AM
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RE: Bifrost

(08-12-2017 07:39 AM)The Roger Wrote:  *_* frosty!

Well its a little bit frost there hehe

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08-12-2017 01:00 PM
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