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GVG and PVP Discussion
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GVG and PVP Discussion

Created this thread as a reply to the Split Sunday Woes thread, since there's other points regarding WoE I want to bring up.

Point #1 is the one Menace brought up on the thread mentioned above: Pandora agreed that Sunday WoE can be moved to another day. The question is, which WoE (Trans, Retro, Both), and when?

A quick discussion on the T&D Discord Channel (Which everyone who wants to help heRO should join!) brang up some suggestions on the new time slot(s), as posted below. These were suggested with North America, Southeast Asia and Europe in mind, as it's where the majority of heRO's players are from.

So far, the possible time zones in mind are:

Server Time (UTC-4) ---------- Southeast Asia (UTC+8) ----------- Europe Time (UTC+8)
Friday 11:30 PM --------------- Saturday 11:30 AM ----------------- Saturday 5:30 AM
Saturday 11:00 AM ------------ Saturday 11:00 PM ----------------- Saturday 5:00 PM

Obviously, the above times favor SEA and Europe more since there's already 1-2 other WoE catering to NA. Opinions, discussions and suggestions are welcome regarding this.

Point #2 is the following: If one Sunday WoE happens to be moved to another day, that would mean that on 3 out of 7 days a week there will be WoE, meaning that's another 2 hours (preparation included) to separate for this activity. WoE on heRO isn't the most active, and as such, I ask, should the Sunday Trans Castle be closed? HeRO can keep Wednesday's Trans WoE and Retro open if so. Personally, I see no point in keeping 3 open if none get decent enough attention.

This however, would have an effect on the flow of loot and god item pieces from Castles if the rotation times remain the same, as waiting for a full castle swap from Geffen->Payon->Prontera with the current rotation format would take 18 months. So a possible solution to this issue could be just rotating every 3 months.

Now for Point #3: What would you like to see done for GVG? Please answer in detail, and not just "Fix WoE". Should more WoE-only consumables be added to the shop, like Marine Spheres, Plant Bottles? Should the cost of BG keys be reduced? Should WoE Second Edition be added as a form of Allegiance War? Should Ciar finish up Friday Inferno already?

Keep replies to this thread constructive and flame free, please.

09-12-2017 07:49 PM
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Menace651 Offline
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RE: GVG and PVP Discussion

Just my 2 cents here but

Point #1
I think the 2nd option would be the most favourable for all players. Maybe even an hour earlier so it wouldnt be as late for SEA players. I don't mind waking up early Saturday mornings Icon_razz

Point #2
Although I agree 3 WOES is a bit much I would still rather have them spread out instead of lumped into 1 day. But that is just my preference and what suits my schedule.

Maybe we can go back to having more castle areas open during a WOE session. That way we can have only 2 WOEs a week but still give guilds a chance at the castle loot/god pieces they need. Maybe 2 areas with 1 castle each.

Point #3
I've done WOE 2nd Edition on other servers and it's so much better than 1st edition normal WOE! I have always wondered why we did not implement it here. It's more fun because you are forced to come out and fight and not just sit in emp room the entire WOE and use cheap portal/pre-casting tactics.

The only thing I can think of that I would like added to WOE consumables would probably be boxes of sunlight and maybe FCP coats. Some items should NOT be added like condensed potions or Ygg Berries/seeds for economy/balancing purposes.

...and what's Friday inferno???

Just @who2 Menace ingame. You should find me if I'm on. thanks!
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09-12-2017 10:25 PM
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Kiwis Offline
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RE: GVG and PVP Discussion

Completely agree with point #2 Icon_smile - limiting to 2 woe castles at a time + more frequent rotations


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09-13-2017 09:50 AM
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MaxPower Offline
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RE: GVG and PVP Discussion

Point #1 I think Saturday at 11:00 or 12:00 (server time) is a good time for WoE
Point #2 I like to have 3 castles open on the server, but is right that 3 days of WoE is too much, but I think both sunday WoEs can be moved to saturday.
Point #3 agree with menace with glitering coats could be buyable with woe points.

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09-13-2017 11:07 AM
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RE: GVG and PVP Discussion

Oh and yeah, lets add a fourth castle for roger too, so he can throw his zeny at it and watch it grow undisturbed.

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09-13-2017 06:55 PM
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Gojira Offline
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RE: GVG and PVP Discussion

GvG on this server..... :thinking:

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09-19-2017 07:07 PM
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