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Dec 2017 ToH Feedback
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Dec 2017 ToH Feedback

Host: GM-Luna

Monster Trial:

10x Jellofish
7x Cobra
5x Spiders
3x Tentacle things
1x Orc Overlord

Item Trial (25 Minute Time Limit):

50 fire orb
30 coin of gold
10 green elixir
4 black armor
4 moon jewel

PVP High Score: Namreg with 50 points


The current milestone from the Reconstruction Lottery is a warp to? Geffenia (5 answered correctly)
A priest earns how many points as a handicap in ToH? 15 (7 answered correctly)
Sage Worm Card adds of chance of dropping what item when a monster is killed? gemstone (5 answered correctly)
Level 1 Resurrection revives a player at what % HP? 10 (8 answered correctly)
Which fish is exclusive to the intermediate fishing spot? Rainbow (3 answered correctly)
What is the extra reward for making Basil a new violin in the Christmas quest? Rough Enriched Ore (1 answered correctly)
Which Hatter Jr. headgear requires 15 Black Cat Dolls to make? Angry Kitty (0 answered correctly)

Total Players: 12
Light Heroes: 6
Dark Heroes: 6

Dark won mass battle (2-0)
12-30-2017 01:57 AM
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