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Jan 2018 ToH Feedback
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GM-Luna Offline

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Jan 2018 ToH Feedback

Host: GM-Luna

Monster Trial: (compliments of GM-Ciar)
  • 10x Seagrass
  • 7x Metal Dragon
  • 5x Amistrodon
  • 3x Mad Scientist
  • 1x Adorable

Item Trial (20 Minute Time Limit):
  • 50 Cold Breath
  • 30 Piece of Armor
  • 10 Genie's Lamp
  • 8 Smelly Cheese
  • 4 Fancy Robe

PVP High Score: H@nzo with 50 points.

  • 1. Blessed/Cursed Helm adds how much weight? 1 answered correctly
  • 2. What's the % chance to create orichalum from rough orichalum? 2 answered correctly
  • 3. What is the prize for completing floor 8 of Mystic Tower? 0 answered correctly
  • 4. Which card adds 10% hp recovery? 2 answered correctly
  • 5. Level 5 pressure drains what % sp from the target? 1 answered correctly
(Since there were few correct responses, I did 4 bonus trivia)

  • 1. What is the prize for completing the super novice quest? 2 answered correctly
  • 2. What is the drop rate of a clip from dragon fly? 4 answered correctly
  • 3. Venom dust requires which gemstone? 5 answered correctly
  • 4. Icering drops which level frost driver scroll? 4 answered correctly

Mass Battle:

Skipped. Dark won.

We held a FFA pvp match at the end. Shura Kirigakure was the winner and received 3 light white potion boxes.

6 players participated in item trial (3 light/3 dark)
3 players participated in pvp (all dark)

The low score in ToH was 70. The high score was 140.

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
01-30-2018 12:08 AM
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Menace651 Offline
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RE: Jan 2018 ToH Feedback

Good ToH. Monster trial was fun and challenging. All the people who got screwed because they did not bring detection for those hiding amistrs ;P the FFA at the end was fun.

Just @who2 Menace ingame. You should find me if I'm on. thanks!
01-30-2018 01:47 AM
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The Roger Offline
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RE: Jan 2018 ToH Feedback

The fun thing is: i saw the sheeps do hiding, but my aspd was just right to deny their hiding like monsters commonly do with us poor players XD so i didnt have to use my satellite hairclip at all, lol XD

Good MOnaster Trial apart that first wave of 15 hp plants... had to autoattack them and used 1:50 of the time =_=

Item trial was nice too Icon_smile

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Only classes i dont have are: Gypsy, Ninja, Soul Linker, Gunslinger and Super Novice
01-30-2018 03:54 AM
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