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10 Days Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!
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GM-Pandora Offline
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10 Days Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

Nearly 4 years have passed since heRO opened its doors!

As is the case every year, we've got an eventful week planned for our dear heroes our this occasion ^_^ We will make sure to celebrate the server's fourth anniversary with style! The official birthday is October 15th, but we'll extend the celebrating to the few days on each side.

Experience & Drop Rate

The spoiling starts with increased rates for 10 whole days!

From Saturday October 10th to Monday October 19th.

5/5/3 -> 7/7/4 (Base/Job/Drop rate)

  • The Cake Quests
    Requirement: Level 65+
    See the Pandora NPC in Prontera to start the quest that will make you bake a cake and visit all the former Admins of the server.
  • Pandelina's Deals
    Requirement: The Cake Quest and level 80+
    See Pandelina in Aldebaran she has some deals to offer on rare birthday items, providing you got the zeny for it.
  • Wing Quest
    A new quest for wings will be introduced on October 10th, it's however unrelated to the birthday itself and is a permanent addition to the server.


Of course we have events planned, some spontaneous that can happen any time during the week, as well planned ones (see below). From the Fairy Auction, to PVP tournaments, and some roleplay events! Some of the events don't have a date yet, we'll fill the schedule as soon as possible.
  • Conquering Thanatos (GM-Pandora)
    Date: Saturday October 10th at 5PM
    Requirement: Every class welcome, level 78+ (we will make share parties of 78-88 and 89-99)
    We will climb the Tower of the mighty Thanatos as a big group up to the rooftop to face the boss himself. All maps are exp loss, we're not responsible for loss of experience during the event. You don't have to worry about stones, fragments or the usual tower requirements, I will take care of those.
    Prize will depend on the number of map resurrection required (map resurrection will only occur if everyone on the map is dead, otherwise normal resurrection is still left to Priests and Yggdrasil leaf users).
    0 Map Resurrection = 3 Bloody Branch per participant
    1 Map Resurrection = 2 Bloody Branches and 1 Taming Giftset
    2 Map Resurrection = 2 OBB, 3 Gift Boxes and 250,000 zeny
    3+ Map Resurrection = 3 Gift Boxes and 50,000 zeny
  • Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day??(GM-Pandora)
    Date: Monday October 12th at 3PM
    Requirement: Unknown
    Will try to whip something up for those 2 holidays and combine it into 1 event, perhaps about gathering, exploring and/or hide and seek.
  • October Fairy Auction (GM-Ayu/Pixie)
    Date: Oct 13th 8:30 PM Tuesday
    Requirement: none, everyone welcome.
    Pixie has a lot of things in store for the Birthday Auction, so check out the Great Fairy Auction thread now!
  • Arunafeltz and Schwartzvald (GM-Circe)
    Date: Wednesday Oct 14th at 10:30PM
    Requirement: Level 78, and be in a guild.
    A trip to the Arunafeltz and Schwartzvald guild dungeons. More information will be given to the participants as to the task they have to accomplish inside the dungeons, on the day.??
    Be aware EXP-Loss will be on, and as an event, all mobs are FFA.
  • Poring Smash + Shop (GM-Pandora)
    Date: Thursday October 15th at 7:30 PM
    Requirement: none, everyone welcome, played with event novice.
    Our usual kill-looter-get-items and then spend your 500z shopping
  • Server Screenshot (GM-Pandora)
    Date: Thursday October 15th at 9 PM
    Requirement: none, everyone welcome.
    Not exactly an event per say, but we will be taking a server screenshot with everyone that can can be there, bring your fancy hat and show your best colors, estimated to last an hour, a small prize will be given to compensate for your patience.
  • Birthday Werewolf
    Date: Friday October 23th at 7 PM
    Requirement: none, everyone welcome.
    Will the villagers vanquish the evil werewolves or will they all be eaten alive?
    Read details about this event here.
  • Trans PVP Tournament (4 VS 4) (GM-Ayu)
    Date: Saturday Oct 17th at 4PM
    Requirement: Any classes (not trans exclusive)
    Please read this thread for details.
  • Non-Trans PVP Tournament (3 VS 3) (GM-Ayu)
    Date: Sunday Oct 18th at 5PM
    Requirement: Non-Transcedent basic 6 classes, Novice, Super Novice, Gunslinger, Soul Linker, Non-ranking Taekwon, Ninja
    Please read this thread for details.
  • Baby PVP Tournament (1 VS 1) (GM-Ayu)
    Date: Monday Oct 19th at 7PM
    Requirement: Baby class of level 70+
    Please read this thread for details.
  • PVP Fight for Items (GM-Aki)
    Date: Friday 30rd at 6PM
    Requirement: Every class welcome, Level 85+
    In this event everyone gets a prize, wait for the right one, but don't wait too long!
    If you're not familiar with this event, you can read more about it here.
  • Trivia Invasion
    Date: TBA
    Requirement: none, everyone welcome. Level 80+ recommended.
    We'll be asking questions, the person who answers correctly first gets to choose the next monster* to be summoned in the Monster Invasion event. Some special hard questions will allow players to ask for a MVP* instead.
    *= some restrictions apply.
  • And more
    More events will be listed here soon, as well as missing date/time will be added.
Giving Back

It's heRO's birthday after all, so why not make a gift to the server?
  • Ratemyserver Review
    RMS is our main source of new players, leaving a review for the server greatly helps. A few months ago heRO happened to be the #1 Low Rate, but we sunk down to #2 and recently down to #3, show your heRO pride and we'll be back to being #1 in no time!

    Short guide to making a RMS review:
    If you have made a review before but it is over 6 months old it has expired and no longer counts toward our total, a renewal would be much appreciated, just login, delete and remake your heRO review ^_^

    Note: Make sure you comply with RMS Terms of Service, goes without saying but no vulgarity or spam and such.
  • Invite Friends
    What better time to invite your friends, with the increased rates they can get started with ease and all the events will provide for fun entertainment to both old timers and newcomers alike.
  • Help Newcomers
    You can do this all year long of course, but on this special occasion why not help someone start up their heRO life? Show them why we boast about having one of the friendliest and most welcoming community!
  • Behave
    Make GMs and Mods life easier by giving them a week-long break XD avoid main drama, quarreling with other players and/or forum flames, of course this only applies to people who don't do this already.

Happy Birthday heRO! ^_^

[Image: kf1s94.jpg]

~ Server Admin ~
Vote daily to help us grow!
Review us on RateMyServer every 6 months!
Have a problem? Use the Support Ticket System!
Join the Test&Dev team to help out!
10-07-2009 02:12 PM
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Ardney Wolf Offline
Eccentric Old Guy

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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

7/7/4? Insanity! If only I had enough vacation time stored for a week-long break from work ">.>

Nice spread of events, Pandora. This is going to be quite fun No1

Ardney - 99/70 Paladin
10-07-2009 03:08 PM
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Shikari Offline

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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

Yum, sounds interesting

[Image: 2wnxvtw.png]

Proud Member of Desolation of Eden
10-07-2009 03:14 PM
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Aaronock Offline
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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

Poring Smash and Thanatos ;D
Fairy Auction too, and quests too oh my.

Sounds like a crazy fun week coming up. Mayhaps a good time for me to help BF reach into his 90's on his rogue. Myself, I'll be leveling some alts I want to reach some higher levels too.

[Image: OHeya.gif]

*Aaronock ~ *Ezekiel Stalker ~ *Maxwell Maximillion ~ *Fazil Reis ~ *Cecil Vega
10-07-2009 03:45 PM
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Cirno Offline
"I'm the strongest!"

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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

o_O necro soloing going to feed me a lot of exp @_@

Cirno: ⑨⑨/70 BAKA BAKA ⑨ High Wizard
Reimu Hakurei: 99/70  High Priest (Purge Evil Spirit O_O)
Sakuya lzayoi 8x/5x Sinx
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Member of Bamboo Squad and Behemoth
10-07-2009 04:12 PM
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Neuneck Offline
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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

Uhh... Most horrible timing ever... The one week of the year I have no time whatsoever (however... the weekend seems to become a 48 hr RO marathon to keep up with the quests)

Mr Moe - 99/69 SinX
Mr Satch - 9x/6x Clown
Mr Power - Xx/Xx Whitesmith
Mr Strafe - 9x/50 Hunter - Coffee Break
Mr Heal - 9x/50 Priest
10-07-2009 05:52 PM
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Motenai_Ronin Offline
Lord Jugger

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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

So the red carpet rolls out on the 10th? Everything goes kablooey boy -_-

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10-07-2009 06:13 PM
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Former-GM-Aki Offline
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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

My present from Panda is that I get the @doom command Ok


Farewell heRO! Thanks for everything!
10-07-2009 06:32 PM
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Kenshiro-san Offline
Somebody say Sohee?

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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

lmao @ Aki xD

Aw man. Icon_sad -smashes computer- HURRY UP AND NOT LAG! D:
Mad exp, I could definitely trans if this stops lagging me now. XD

And the quests.. OH THE QUESTS~!!!!
Oh panda you make me so warm and fuzzy on the inside, and butterflies are in my tummy >3 I have extra ideas for what I'm gonna do now~ XDD

Click on ->[Image: Smiley7.gif]<- to know about Algid Skepcis! We're so awesome not even Naruto believes it.

Kenshiro-san - Priest - XX/50 - Algid Skepcis
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10-07-2009 07:22 PM
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loveapples Offline
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RE: Week long Celebrations : heRO's 4th Birthday!

just my luck. ill be pretty busy that week and will end up missing most of it.

but yay? time to go trans (hopefully)

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Kaja - Wizard 9x/50
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Lobster - Baby Rogue 99/50
Chip Skylark - Bard 8x/50
TerraBranford - Soul Linker 9x/50
and some secret ones who aren't really a secret
10-07-2009 07:46 PM
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