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heRO Events!
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heRO Events!

heRO event list!

Here's a list that will allow any players to get accustomed to most of the common events that they may encounter on our server and their variations. GMs are not limited to this list of course, surprises and new variations are always welcomed.

Some events are played with novice characters, when this occurs, the GM in charge of the event will ask you to create a new novice with your name followed by 4 numbers (usually the date mmdd). For example I would create Pandora0926 for an event held on the 26th of september.

To see a list of what events happened lately in heRO, click on this link.

Prize: The prizes for each event will vary, but they will often be composed of chance items. Chance items include the following:

OCA : Old Card Album (gives a card at random, can even give mini-boss card, but not MVP)
OPB : Old Purple Box (gives a random item from a list that contain a lot of useful equips, but also some useless loots)
OBB : Old Blue Box (gives a random item from a list that contain a few useful items, but a lot of useless loots)
GB : Gift Box (comes in a variety of colors, gives a random item from a list that contains stones, dolls, potions, herbs, gifts, etc.)
Wrapped Mask (gives a random chance to win a Mask equipment)
Hatter Voucher (gives a chance to win one of Hatter's many hats instantly!)

Trivia Test your quickness and your RO knowledge.

The GM will ask a series of question, be the first person to answer right and you get a prize! Listen well to know how the GM wants the answer (either by PM, in normal talk or by entering the answer as a password to a chatroom).

A periodic Riddle Event is also available in the heRO forums here!

Monster Invasions Fight the monsters!

A popular event, the GM will summon monsters and you have to kill them. Sometimes a storyline will be included in this event.

Other variations:

- Trivia Invasion : Held in a town (usually Izlude), the person who answers the question correctly gets to choose the next monster to be summoned in the Monster Invasion event.

- Turn Invasion : The GM will make a list of the player present and each one gets a turn to choose the next monster to be summoned. A dice can be rolled to see if this monster will be MVP or normal monster.

- Breaking the Seal: GMs summon endlessly unless the Seal is destroyed by the players. Break the Seal in this Monster Invasion!

- Merchant Defender: Players must protect a vending, idle merchant against the GM's waves of Monster Invasion!

Hide and Seek Will you find me?

A simple event, the GM hides and you must find him/her. The GM will inform you at the start of the settings of the event, will he/she be in a town? Inside or outside buildings, hidden or visible, etc.

Other variation:

- The GM will give you a clue as to which map he/she is in rather than telling you.

PVP tournament Kill or be killed!

Like the name implies, this is a tournament where players must kill each other until there is only one left, the winner. GMs will do their best to match people against players of their levels, but this is not easy to do. This event is usually planned ahead and the GM responsible for it will inform you of what is allowed and what isn't.

Kill the Plant or kill the players?

Sometimes played with novices, in this event the players are separated into teams. Each team gets 1 or a few plants summoned which they must guard. The goal of the event is to kill the plant of the opposing team(s). Last team remaining with plants alive wins. Since PVP is enabled, some people will prefer to kill all their opponents before trying to kill the plants while others will make a run for it and destroy the plants first.

Poring Taming Get as many eggs as possible!

This event is semi-automated and usually played with novices. All participants are warped into a room where they each get 50 unripe apple (poring tames), they must use those to gather as many Poring Eggs as possible once they are warped to a room full of porings. The time is not limited, so take your time to tame well. The prizes are distributed by a NPC, with usually an extra surprise to the winner.

Pandora Says Can you listen?

This event is similar to the game "Simon Says", in which the GM will give commands, if they are preceeded by "Pandora says..." the command must be obeyed and otherwise must be ignored.

For example:
"Pandora says sit down" -> all participants must sit their character, those who don't are eliminated.
"Now stand up!" -> anyone who stands will be eliminated because I didn't say "Pandora says".

If a true command is not obeyed or a false command is followed, the player who did so will be brutaly murdered, and he/she will not be resurected until the start of the next round. A round ends when there are a set number of players remaining alive. For example: the round starts with 10 players and will end when only 3 are left standing, those 3 get a good prize while others get a consolation prize.

Note: Replace Pandora with the name of another GM if the event is not hosted by me.

Racing Run!

This event is usually played with novices. It's simple enough it's a race!

Morroc Racing: A NPC gives the start of the race, you must then proceed to run around Morroc counter-clock wise. Make sure you don't miss any checkpoint or your will have to go back!!

Other Variation:

- Run with a monster : the players are warped to an area with monsters (can be morroc racing or elsewhere), they must attack one monster so it gets aggressive on them and follows them and bring the monster to a certain area of the map (usually the other side). Since this variation limits people to the speed of the monster it is not necessary to use novices. This variant can include pvp.

Poring Smash Who knows what they might hold!

This event is usually played with novices. I will summon many looting monsters in a room (mostly porings, but also drops, santa poring and sometimes, poporings and even Stapo). Then I will proceed to drop items to them, these items usually range from not very useful to average and most of the time chance items are included as well. Once the room is ready the novices are summoned into it and may kill the monsters to their hearts content, thus finding the items dropped into them.

Fight for Items Wait for the right one, but don't wait too long!

In this event all the players get 1 prize (no more, no less), all of them are warped in a special room. I open a chatroom with the name of an item as the title, the first 2 people who enter the chatroom get to fight for the item, the winner of the fight gets the item. The winner cannot participate again for the rest of the event, but the person who lost the fight may try again until they win. At some point one item will have "last item" in front of it in the title of the chatroom, this means what it says, that is this one is the last item, everyone left with no prize gets a consolation prize (usually obb or gb).

This event will sometime include a level restriction and/or will be restricted to non-trans characters.

This event is often followed by some mass pvp fight, which usually do not give any prize.

Crazy Merchant Prices are insane! Get the goods while supply last!

The crazy merchant has set up a shop somewhere with cool items at ridicuous price! Find him to get them. Sometimes the crazy merchant will be in town, which will test your reflexes, can you buy fast? Sometimes he/she will be in a remote location, search until you find him!

Other Variation:

Shopping : This is played with novices who only have 500 zeny each (received at character creation). A shop is opened with cool items at 500 zeny or less. This event often follows the "Poring Smash" or the "Taming Poring" event.

Item Hunt Hurry up and gather all!

Like the title says, in this event you will hunt items. GM will give you a list of items to bring back, hurry up and get them all to win! This event is sometimes played in teams, sometimes it's solo hunt.

Other Variation:

Trivia Item Hunt : The GM will give you a clue that describes an item, bring it back to win a prize!

DB Party What will come out.. can you handle it?

This is a simple event where a GM will crack a lot of DB (dead branches) which will summon lots of monsters, have fun killing them.. if you can!

Drop Event Someone's loss might be your new treasure!

This event is often associated with bad players, botters or cheaters that are banned from the server. A GM will check their accounts for nice items and will drop them in town to the good players! Usually great items are ommited from the dropping (rare cards like thara, hydra and such will not be dropped). Pets and skill such are Greed are forbidden for this event.

Kill the GM If you can..

Ever dreamed of killing a GM? Now here's your chance, he/she might be wearing a gm clip, or might not (you'll be informed). Have fun! But be careful, we bite back!

Bone Collector Are you one?

PVP is enabled, kill players and pick up their skulls. Collect the most skulls to win! (Note: Different GMs may have different rulings for this event, such as being played with novice or being played with regular characters.)

Auction Who will pay the most?

The GM names an item and a starting price, bid for the good until .. going once.. going twice.. sold to the person who offered the most! Sometimes a bid increment will be mentionned, that is the minimum amout you can add.

Other Variation:

- Sometimes this is also done with novice (usually following a "Item in Poring" or the "Taming Poring" event), who all have 500 zeny (from character creation).

Run, Hydro, Run! Protect your leader, and escape!

Players work together in a long maze infested with monsters and traps to escort the Team Leader (one of the players) to the end! A GM luring the ultimate Event Hydro chases closely behind the team. If the GM/Event Hydro defeats or catches up to the Team Leader, it is all over! Run fast!

The Flower Maze One wrong step and it's all over...

Walk through a dangerous maze filled with immovable monsters as a helpless novice try to navigate the maze to find treasures and the end to escape! Beware of traps and don't be greedy!

Zombie Escape A dungeon of undead... can you survive?

Travel through the cursed grounds as novices to the end of the maze facing the undead. Using just the limited supplies and novice potions, go to the end of the maze and escape from the undead and other monsters for prizes!

Meteor Dodger Fire that falls from the sky...

Deadly meteors randomly fall from the sky to crush all in its path. Be the last one standing to defy the wrath of the heavens!

Battle Royale Survival game!

We have yet to play this event, but the concept is similar to the movie. An island (a map), a bunch of teenagers (novices), with one agenda.. kill each other until there is only one! This may include receiving an item at random which may help you (such as weapon, cards, healing items, etc.)

If any event in this list seem unclear or you want to suggest sometimes, don't hesitate to make a post about it or share your opinions through the heRO Support Ticket System! ^_^ I will eventually be adding pictures to this thread to show some of the most popular events.

~ Server Admin ~
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09-26-2006 01:35 PM
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RE: heRO Events!


This event is based on a card game called Werewolf, which in turn is based on another game called Mafia, well all to say it's not an original idea from me, I'm just borrowing it and adapting it into an event for us.

It's an event for people who like roleplaying, there is no killing involved (no pvp, no pvm). A certain amount of maturity is required, as well as a decent understanding of the English language.

It requires at least 7 people to play, and the more the merrier! It's a game of accusations, lying, bluffing, second-guessing, assassination, and mob hysteria!

This event is quite long to explain, so if you plan on participating please read carefully as we want to avoid having to repeat the rules in game which can take a while meaning less time to actually play.

Some rules may be slightly different depending on who is the host of the game. Ask the game host for specific details on some rulings.

The basic roles:

At the start of the game, I will PM each player a role, this information is for you only, and will influence how you play. On the outside everyone looks like peaceful villagers, but some players might be hiding more underneath!

[*] Villager
[Image: villageois.gif]
This is the most common role, a simple innocent villager.

[*]The Seeress
[Image: voyante.gif]
There is only 1, this person is a villager but with the special hability at night to view the true form of 1 player.

[*]The Alchemist
[Image: sorciere.gif]
There is only 1, this person is a villager but they have 2 potions (for the entire duration of the game) a life potion and a death potion. This character interferes right after the werewolf's turn and may use one potion to either bring back the victim to life or to kill a person he/she suspects of being a werewolf. Both potions can be used the same night.

[Image: loup%20garou.gif]
Depending on how many players are participating there may be from 2 to 5 werewolfs (you will be told at the start). These beasts pretend to be villager by day but they group up at night and devour an innocent villager!

[*]Village Chief
[Image: capitaine.gif]
This is an elected role, decided on the first day turn, this person looks like a villager but might be any of the 4 roles described above. The Chief is supposed to orient the conversations and to guide his people to find the werewolf (but careful, he/she might be a werewolf themselves trying to mislead you!). Aside from guiding the group, the chief gets 2 votes when comes the time to vote for a player to hang and if the voting is a tie, his choice prevails.

Those are the basic roles, see at the end for additional roles that may be used from time to time.

[*]The Game Master
This is me, or any other GM who hosts the event, or even any player if you decide to play it amongst yourself. This person knows everyone's roles (as it's their job to distribute the roles). They also call when it's time to vote, they make the chatroom for the night turns and direct the game in any other way necessary.

The turns

Life alternates day and night, by day the angry villagers discuss the werewolf problem and at the end of the day they vote on a person to hang, while at night the werewolf feed on an innocent victim. So as you've guessed it there's quite a bit of killing happening in this seemingly peaceful village!

[*]First day turn

As the fight day start, the villagers elect themselves a cheif, they don't hang anyone on that day, one voting is enough. Anyone can stand up to candidate for Village Chief, the people who offer themselves make a 1 line speech as to why they should be elected, once all candidates have spoken everyone votes (yes, you are allowed to vote for yourself if you are a candidate). After that everyone goes to sleep.

[If the Cupid is present in the game, his only turn is at the very begining of the first night]

[*]Night turn

At night, all is quiet (this means any action such as talking and any form of movement is forbidden!). I will open up a chatroom, the title will indicate who is allowed to enter, anyone violating this rule will be muted and kicked out of the event with no prize.

"The Seeress turn"

The seeress enters the chatroom and tells me the name of the player she wants to see revealed to him/her. The seeress cannot ask "Who's the werewolf" rather they can ask, "Is this person: [insert name] a werewolf". Once his/her turn is done the seeress exits the chatroom and the night continues.

"The werewolf turn"

All the werewolf enter the chatroom at once, they must then talk amongs themselves to decide on a victim.

"The Alchemist turn"

The alchemist enters the chatroom, I will then inform him/her of the victim he/she sees lying down. The alchemist can then decide on one of the following:
- Revive the person with the life potion.
- Use the death potion on someone else.
- Do both of the above.
- Do nothing.
Of course if one of the potion has been used already that option is no longer available.

[*]Regular day turn

The sun rises and the villagers notice one of the following:

- The death of a villager (which can also be the seeress or the alchemist since they are also villagers). This is what happens in most turns.

- No deaths at all (this means the alchemist has used his/her life potion).

- 2 Deaths! (this means the alchemist has used his/her death potion).

Afterwards the villagers spend the whole day discussion, accusing and talking to each other (this usually lasts a few minutes). The goal of this usually animated discussion is to try to unmask a werewolf (if you are a villager) or to try to have an innocent villager accused (if you are a werewolf). At the end of the "day" everyone votes on whom they think should be hangged.

Before I reveal the identity of the chosen player, he/she gets a few last words (one line).

After the hanging is over, night falls and the angry villagers go to sleep.

The goal of the game

The game alternates between day turn and night turn, until one of the following situation occur:

- The humans win if they kill all werewolves.

- The werewolves win if they kill enough villagers so that the numbers are even. (Two werewolves and two humans, or one werewolf and one human.) At that point they can rise up and slaughter the villagers openly.

[If the game is played with cupid, the lovers win if they succeed to both remain alive until the end.]

In summary...

The villagers are trying to figure out who's a werewolf; the werewolves are pretending to be villagers, and trying to throw suspicion on real villagers.

The seeress is trying to throw suspicion on any werewolves he/she discovers, but without revealing himself/herself to be the seeress (because if he/she does, the werewolves will almost certainly kill him/her that night, since he/she's the greatest threat to werewolf national security.) Of course the seeress can reveal himself at any time, if he/she thinks it's worthwhile to tell the other players what he's learned. Also of course, a werewolf can claim to be the seeress and "reveal" anything he wants. If you are the seeress it's usually a good idea to check your village chief, since he/she has 2 votes and influences the game, it's a good thing to check if the chief is on your side.

If you are the alchemist, you only have 2 potions for the whole game, so it's usually a good thing to be careful with them. Alchemist usually use their life potion to bring back to life someone important, such as the Seeress, themselves or the village chief. It's also usually advised to not use your death potion too early in the game, you want to wait until you have a hunch someone is a werewolf, otherwise not only is it a waste but you stand a good chance of killing an innocent!

The only information the villagers have is what other players say -- and who dies. Accusing someone of being a werewolf is suspicious. Not accusing anyone is also suspicious. Agreeing with another player a lot is suspicious, and therefore so is pretending not to agree with another player. Never voting to kill a particular player is very suspicious for both of them. So all in all almost everything can be suspicious XD


[*] No talking during the night turn.
[*] No talking if you are dead.
[*] No peeking in the chatroom when it's not your turn.
[*] No PM (Private Message) to other players.

Additional roles:

[Image: cupidon.gif]
Cupid can make 2 people fall in love, he/she gets to use his ability only once and it's at the begining of the very fist night. I will open a chat room to indicate that cupid comes in, the person comes in and indicates 2 people they want to see falling in love (it can include himself/herself). The cupid then becomes a regular villager (unless he chose himself/herself as one of the lover). I will then PM those 2 people to inform them they have fallen in love <3 <3 <3 ! The goal of the game changes for those 2 people. They don't know the role of their lover (they can be 2 villagers, 2 werewolves or 1 of each!) but they are linked for the entire game to that person. If one is killed (either day or night) the other commits suicide because of his broken heart, he cannot live without his/her loved one. The goal for these 2 people is to both finish alive even if one is a werewolf and their love are "forbidden", love must prevail!

[*]The Hunter
[Image: chasseur.gif]
The hunter is a villager, he always carries a bow and a deadly arrow with him/her. If he is about to die (night or day), he gets his bow and shoots someone (he/she can decide who they shoot at, but they don't know what they killed beforehand). The other person dies at the same time as the hunter.

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10-25-2006 03:08 PM
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RE: heRO Events!

Additional roles for Werewolf event:

The Idiot
If the Idiot is chosen to be hanged, he will reveal his role to other players and everyone will pity him, he is thus, immune of being killed during the day.

The Drunk
The drunk will always be in the Inn until late at night, which is why he is the last villager to go to sleep, unfortunately, he is drunk, and can never remember his way home. He then enters in someone's house to go sleep and is then told if yes or no, that person *is* home. If the person is anything else but a Villager, he isn't home, as he is wandering around town doing his bidding, being it good, or evil. (In other words, he is a cheap Seeker who is only told if a person is special or not (not telling what the role is))

The Priest
The priest is a bit like Cupid, at the beginning of the game, he chooses 2 players, a Blessed and a Cursed. If the Blessed player is about to be killed, in any situation, divine intervention will be felt, and the cursed one will die in it's place. If the cursed one dies before, well... to bad for him.

The Cultists
The cultists are evil villagers that sacrifices human (or werewolf) beings in the name of there dark Demon. Each night, they hunt a victim, just like werewolves. There goal is to burn everyone else, but, since they are in lower numbers then werewolves, they also win with Villagers... with a very sad grin. Icon_wink

The orders of the night when these roles are added:


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01-24-2008 11:39 PM
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